Blaine Hopkins

EVP of Operations & Partner

A native of Mineral Wells, Texas, Blaine studied at the University of London and was valedictorian of his NYU Film class. After stints in New York (ABC News Productions), Miami, Los Angeles and Wales, Blaine landed in Knoxville, Tennessee. He's a passionate home remodeler, a frequent flier, and a retired magician and ventriloquist. Really.

Charlie DeBevoise

Partner, Executive Producer

Charlie has been making media in various forms since the late 80s. He started as a magazine editor-turned network entrepreneur while working for Whittle Communications. He cut his independent production teeth under tv pioneer Ross Bagwell before starting NorthSouth in October of 2000. In the past decade, he's had a hell of a lot fun and produced hundreds of great tv shows thanks to the amazing talents of the extended NorthSouth family.

Mark Hickman

Partner, Executive Producer

Hickman's first job in television was hand modeling. He parlayed dipping shrimp and wearing Band Aids into a career, first as a commercial producer for clients like McDonalds, then as a writer/producer/director of television programs. His credits since then include launching Trading Spaces, one of the earliest "reality" formats, and pioneering poker tournaments on TV. Hickman has been Executive Producer of nearly forty different series and specials.


Nick Kneece

Chief Technical Officer

Keeping things cordial between humans and machines is an everyday struggle. Since joining NorthSouth in 2011, Nick has been working hard on keeping things amicable among the machines in IT, Post, and Production. Nick finds inefficiencies in workflows and wrestles them out. Whether it’s speeding up delivery from the field to post, or finding a better codec to use for editing, he is always improving The System. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in sound design, Nick worked in both field and post production. At home you can find him tinkering away on his latest gadget, project, script, or automaton.

Alyson Shumeyko

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Alyson is NorthSouth New York’s “keeper of the velvet rope”, managing the office’s and executives' day-to-day operations. She’s grown up with the company, coming on board as a production intern in 2014. Nowadays, she’s putting her circus camp training to good use by juggling multiple schedules, travel itineraries, phone lines, and the occasional orange.

Sarah Glaser

Manager of Development

Sarah works on all the shows you haven’t heard of—YET! Since joining the team in 2012, she's worn just about every hat possible. In her current role she assists with all of NorthSouth's development projects on both the creative and logistical sides—from finding talent and writing treatments to tracking budgets, booking locations, and more. When she's not behind the camera, you can find Sarah singing her heart out on an off-off-broadway stage.

Billy Miller

Development Producer

Billy’s role in development ranges from coordinating post efforts on development reels to R&D for web projects and digital content. He believes that the best content tells stories in ways that the viewer doesn’t expect — and the best stories allow the viewer to feel like they experience each part themselves.

Lisa Kleinman

Senior Director of Development, Comedy Division

Lisa comes to North South with years of experience in the New York comedy community. Lisa is a regular performer at UCB and balances her work in development with an active career as a comedian and actor. Behind the scenes, Lisa has worked as a writer and producer at MTV, E! and Hud:Sun Media. As Senior Director of Comedy Development, Lisa is in charge of further expanding North South's already huge impact on the comedy world.

Colin da Silva Vint

VP, Business Affairs

Colin oversees all of NorthSouth's business and legal affairs. In this role, Colin negotiates every deal that comes through the door and handles production legal on NorthSouth's various projects. Prior to joining the team, he did lawyerly things for other companies. Colin graduated from the University of Richmond and The George Washington University Law School, and is a member of the New York bar. He prefers to be called "Head Lawyer in Charge" or "Deals King”.

Daniel Callis

Technical Director

Daniel lives for field production. After graduating from UT-Knoxville, he worked as an AE, AP, Audio Tech, Camera Op, DIT and PM. Daniel has since worked with production crews on reality and documentary projects for more than 11 years. Daniel is involved with setting up the best production gear for each project and is surrounded by the support of our top-notch freelance field crew and post-production team. When he is not busy in the field, he is busy keeping up with his two beautiful daughters with his wife Jessie.

Lee Jacobs

VP of Development

As NorthSouth’s Vice President of Development, Lee is in charge of running a team that runs itself. In his past lives he’s been a salesman for CBS radio, a tour manager for comedian Dane Cook, and the head of development for Monami Entertainment. Lee’s hodgepodge of a background makes him the perfect fit for a company that’s not afraid to tackle everything from Caligula to wedding dresses and everything in between.

Billy Miller

Development Producer

Billy is one the newest additions to NorthSouth's Development Team. Billy started his career in post, but decided he needed another outlet for his creativity, so he settled on development.

Margot Gattuso

VP, Post–Production

Margot heads up the Post Production Department in Knoxville, and has worked at NorthSouth for 7 years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, she quickly put her degree to use by landing a job in reality television. She spends most of her time in dark edit bays supervising online edits, managing quality control, ensuring the timely delivery of shows and juggling the ever changing schedules and deadlines of Post Production.

Marsha Ballard

VP of Production Resources

Marsha has been with NorthSouth since its humble beginnings and wild Miami era, having worked in multiple facets of the company. As NorthSouth’s VP of Production Resources Marsha’s primary focus is on handling insurances and working with agents and individuals to staff NorthSouth’s various projects. Prior to joining NorthSouth, Marsha was in Operations for one of the southeast’s largest post production entities. Her earliest claim to fame is being a grad of Disney University.

Joe DelGrosso


Joe came to North South from the network world, where he worked at CMT in Santa Monica, CA. Before then, he was a Line Producer and Director of Production for various production companies in his native city of Boston, MA. Working on both the network side and production company side has allowed him to understand that we're not so different after all! After a few cross-country moves Joe is excited to join the North South team and plant some roots in good 'ol Knoxville, TN.

Jennifer Holbach

VP, Co-Executive Producer

Jennifer has worked at NorthSouth as a Showrunner, Director, Producer, Story Editor and Writer - often all at once. She has spent much of the last eight years on the road running series across the country including Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, NYC, LA and Atlanta. Among Jennifer's credits are series for TLC, A&E, Discovery, WE, Speed, Style, Fine Living and Travel Channel.

Celia Winchester


Celia rules the land of budgets, schedules, and often everything else. Graduated from University of Tennessee with a degree in accounting and finance, she worked in public accounting for several years before plunging into television. She’s been with NorthSouth for four years and is “loving every, uh, minute of it.”

James Murray

SVP, Development

James Murray is the Senior Vice President of Development and has worked at NorthSouth Productions since 2008. He has produced shows for TruTV, Spike TV, A&E, TLC, TBS, Discovery, MTV, Fuse, Speed and more. In addition to heading development, James is executive producing and starring in the TruTV / NorthSouth series Impractical Jokers with his comedy troupe, The Tenderloins.