Charlie DeBevoise

CEO , Founder

Charlie has been making media in various forms since the late 80s. He started as a magazine editor-turned network entrepreneur while working for Whittle Communications. He cut his independent production teeth under tv pioneer Ross Bagwell before starting NorthSouth in October of 2000. In the past decade, he's had a hell of a lot fun and produced hundreds of great tv shows thanks to the amazing talents of the extended NorthSouth family.


John Young


John leads our accounting team at NorthSouth, keeping a keen eye on all on all of our spending and making sure we all get paid! He got his start working in public accounting with Ernst & Young, eventually making the jump to the entertainment world working for Scripps Networks before joining us in 2017. John likes to take a break from all the number crunching by traveling and doing “outdoorsy things”.

Zaji Zabalerio

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Zaji started at NorthSouth as an intern in 2009 before producing documentary at Emerson College. Their wanderlust has taken them both around the world and into a world of trouble, from losing direction in a cloud forest in Costa Rica to escaping detention in the heart of China in the name of finding a good story. A self-proclaimed king of emails, Zaji knows that being the calendar puppeteer and office manager can only mean “the good life”.

Allan Title

VP, Current Programming

After a 7-year career in music production, Allan started in television as an editor, cutting documentary features and long-form programming for HBO, NBC, PBS, FOX and more. Once he broadened into producing, he found his calling as a Showrunner, Fixer and EP across a variety of television genres. At NorthSouth, he oversees its myriad productions as VP of Current Programming and Executive Producer. Despite bios like this, Allan's mother doesn’t quite understand what her son does and is frustrated that she can’t explain it to the bridge club.

Marsha Ballard

EVP, Production Resources

Marsha has been with NorthSouth since its humble beginnings and wild Miami era, having worked in multiple facets of the company. As NorthSouth’s EVP of Production Resources Marsha’s primary focus is on handling insurances and working with agents and individuals to staff NorthSouth’s various projects. Prior to joining NorthSouth, Marsha was in Operations for one of the southeast’s largest post production entities. Her earliest claim to fame is being a grad of Disney University.

Jennifer Holbach

VP, Co-Executive Producer

Jennifer has worked at NorthSouth as a Showrunner, Director, Producer, Story Editor and Writer - often all at once. She has spent much of the last eight years on the road running series across the country including Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, NYC, LA and Atlanta. Among Jennifer's credits are series for TLC, A&E, Discovery, WE, Speed, Style, Fine Living and Travel Channel.


Celia Winchester


Celia rules the land of budgets, schedules, and often everything else. Graduated from University of Tennessee with a degree in accounting and finance, she worked in public accounting for several years before plunging into television. She’s been with NorthSouth for ten years and is “loving every, uh, minute of it.”


Brad Kohlenstein

VP, Development

Brad has been making TV for over 15 years and watching it for even longer than that. He’s produced and developed for VH1, History, Science Channel, Food, HGTV, TLC, Nickelodeon, A&E, and more. He’s worked with Rockstars, literal stars, Cupcakes, Kids, Wedding Dresses, Frat Boys, Mama’s Boys, and Morgan Freeman. He’s 4.3 inches taller than the average TV executive.

Julia Klingler

Receptionist / Development Researcher

Julia is a member of the development team serving as researcher and receptionist for NorthSouth Productions. A graduate of Iona College, Julia began her career at NorthSouth in 2016 following internships at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Rachael Ray Show. When she's not discovering new talent, she enjoys going to concerts, traveling and binge watching The Office.

Becca Ray

Development Researcher

Becca comes to the NorthSouth development team from the world of independent and documentary filmmaking and TV, working as an assistant with the Amazon series “The New Yorker Presents” and acquisitions coordinator at The Film Sales Company. As coordinator and researcher at NorthSouth, she spends her days immersed in the interwebs searching for interesting people, places, and things.

Sean Mowry

Talent Development

Sean started at NorthSouth in 2015 as the inaugural Comedy Intern before finishing his film degree at Syracuse University. While in school he spent most of his time amongst the townies performing stand up in the basement of a local waffle house. After a few semesters with his nose to the waffle iron, Sean's back at NorthSouth to whip up the next best comedy series with the comedians who always keep him in hysterics. But his obsession with all things funny doesn't mean he can always resist the temptations of the doc side.

Jake Poteat

Sr. Manager of Development Comedy Division

Jake joins NorthSouth after years of experience on the network side of the business, having worked in programming and development at MTV and A+E Networks. Jake is a total comedy nerd and writer with close ties to the New York comedy community. He works alongside Lisa Kleinman on bringing new comedic talent to the network and developing strong formats for networks and digital platforms. When he isn't at work or attending a comedy show, he enjoys shouting compliments to dogs on the street.

Lisa Kleinman

Sr. Director of Development Comedy Division

Lisa comes to NorthSouth with years of experience in the New York comedy community. Lisa is a regular performer at UCB and balances her work in development with an active career as a comedian and actor. Behind the scenes, Lisa has worked as a writer and producer at MTV, E! and Hud:Sun Media. As Senior Director of Comedy Development, Lisa is in charge of further expanding NorthSouth's already huge impact on the comedy world.


Kim Pratt

I.T. Manager

Starting out when VHS and Umatic tape were still a thing, Kim gained experience as a camerawoman, editor, producer, webmaster, and adjunct professor before arriving at her latest iteration as a video professional, data wrangler, and all-around techno-Sherpa as Manager of Information Technology at NorthSouth's New York facility. In her spare time, among other things, Kim likes to cast bronze, blow glass, and eat fire.

Nick Kneece

Chief Technical Officer

Keeping things cordial between humans and machines is an everyday struggle. Since joining NorthSouth in 2011, Nick has been working hard on keeping things amicable among the machines in IT, Post, and Production. Nick finds inefficiencies in workflows and wrestles them out. Whether it’s speeding up delivery from the field to post, or finding a better codec to use for editing, he is always improving The System. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in sound design, Nick worked in both field and post production. At home you can find him tinkering away on his latest gadget, project, script, or automaton.

Billy Miller

Development Producer

Billy’s role in development ranges from coordinating post efforts on development reels to R&D for web projects and digital content. He believes that the best content tells stories in ways that the viewer doesn’t expect — and the best stories allow the viewer to feel like they experience each part themselves.

Daniel Callis

Technical Director

Daniel lives for field production. After graduating from UT-Knoxville, he worked as an AE, AP, Audio Tech, Camera Op, DIT and PM. Daniel has since worked with production crews on reality and documentary projects for more than 11 years. Daniel is involved with setting up the best production gear for each project and is surrounded by the support of our top-notch freelance field crew and post-production team. When he is not busy in the field, he is busy keeping up with his two beautiful daughters with his wife Jessie.

Margot Gattuso

VP, Post–Production

Margot heads up the Post Production Department in Knoxville, and has worked at NorthSouth for 7 years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, she quickly put her degree to use by landing a job in reality television. She spends most of her time in dark edit bays supervising online edits, managing quality control, ensuring the timely delivery of shows and juggling the ever changing schedules and deadlines of Post Production.